As strategy is implemented through projects, the management of projects is of paramount importance to the achievement of the Namibian Payment Systems (NPS) strategic objectives. Projects and project management remains key to the responsiveness of the NPS and its ever changing demands.

The Office of Projects and Technology is responsible for accomplishing the payments industry’s technology and projects need through undertaking the below functions:

Industry Project Management
  • Industry project and programme prioritisation, planning, execution, monitoring and closure
  • Industry project management methodology and practises continuous improvement
    • Research, formulation and adoption of practises, models and processes
Industry Solution Design
  • Solution design delivery pipeline management
    • Coordination of industry solution designs
    • Facilitation of the development and adoption of industry Technical standards
  • Solution design approach/methodology continuous improvement
    • Research on new and solution design and implementation frameworks or practises
  • Facilitation of collective industry ideation or research on creative ideas
  • Innovation model continuous improvement
    • Research on new and emerging innovation model and practises
    • Development of an inclusive industry innovation model

Josua Jonas - Manager: Projects and Technology

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