To ensure the safe, secure, efficient and cost-effective operation of the National Payment System.


To manage and regulate fairly, equitably and transparently the participation, innovation and development of the National Payment System and its stakeholders, to the benefit of the Namibian nation.


To be a guardian of a safe and reliable National Payment System that conforms to international standards.


To maintain a world-class payment system that meets domestic, regional and international requirements.

Core Values

  • Collaboration

We embrace stakeholder unity to achieve synergy on the journey of achieving our Vision.

  • Integrity

We uphold sound business ethics that safeguard the interests of stakeholders at all times.

  • Respect

We value and treasure the contribution of people from all walks of life.

  • Transparency

We share relevant information freely and accept responsibility for our actions.

  • Fairness

We are consistent in our application of policies, procedures, regulations and rules.

  • Innovation

We are proactive in sourcing ideas and solutions that propel the National Payment System forward.

  • Excellence

We are in pursuit of perfection in everything that we do.